3 Reasons author Chris Bohjalian is a Master of Inbound Marketing

Fiction writers like Chris BohJalian demonstrate what you won’t learn in a marketing course

His social media is loaded with PR related tweets, Facebook photos, high octane comments and observations along the route of his book tour.

Chris Bohjalian is a fiction writer with a growing following. I can only imagine from online reactions to his book tours that he provides plenty of anecdotal verve and humor along the way, all supported by lively social media.

As a marketer of his books, he is a fount of Tweets and Instagram posts that garner response

One day on recent book tour, he tweeted eight times. He doesn’t overdo it, but he’s out there. His tweets generated responses from many faithful readers.

As I write this, Bohjalian has 11,700 followers and has produced 26,300 tweets, probably during the last half of his 20-year fiction writing career. I didn’t check his Facebook or Instagram, but I suspect they are equally busy. Maybe he uses a mobile dashboard like Hootsuite to post simultaneously on all three SM networks. He’s no dummy.

What distinguishes Chris Bohjalian’s social media marketing?

He has cultivated a social media presence anyone would benefit from. The tone is whirlwind success. The persona is well-established but ‘still peaking literary phenom.’ The message is everyone loves me and my book, and you will too.

  1. My point? Fiction writers who never set foot in a marketing course are often inspired marketers, and it pays to study their techniques.  Even older authors are good at it. Read Joyce Carol Oates’ tweets. She generates quite a response.
  2. Many authors are wordsmiths dedicated to winning the National Book Award or Man Booker Prize. Their unique observations, wry comments, irony and humor fuel big followings.
  3. Is it effortless? No. They generate clever tweets because they work at it. Try reading Steve Martin’s Twitter feed. It’s understated, sometimes hilarious. Martin should teach Twitter 101, though he’d never bother. Learn from his spare and ironic style.

Savvy fiction writers are masters of inbound marketing. They have to be or their books will languish. I follow several authors, Chris Bohjalian included. You should too.

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